In keeping with a long-standing tradition stemming from its opening in the early 1970s, the Observatory remains focused on community involvement and learning opportunities. The Ashcroft Observatory is open every Monday night to all those interested in learning about constellations or viewing distant parts of the galaxy. Interested parties should plan on arriving at the observatory just as the sun sets. As weather or other conditions might alter this schedule, before driving out, please call the number above to make sure someone is there.

Ashcroft Observatory gate

This is a free opportunity, and has been of great use in the past to school groups, scout groups and families.  All are welcome and encouraged to enjoy the splendor in the skies.

Location of the observatory

We are open to the public free of charge every Monday night, weather permitting.  We are open for about two hours after sunset, however we try to keep our times close to the hour mark, so if the sun goes down at 6:45, we’ll be open at 7:00 pm.  If it’s going down at 8:20 pm, we’ll be there by 8:00 pm.

Front of observatory

You may schedule other times for groups by calling us at (435) 586-1409, but please give us a week’s notice and leave a message if no one is there.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at ashcroftobservatory@gmail.com.

Here are some directions to get to the observatory from SUU:

(click this link for a Google Maps view):

1. Head north on S 800 W toward W Center St.

2. Take the 3rd left onto W 200 N.

3. Continue onto UT-56 W/W 400 N.

4. Turn left onto N Westview Dr.

5. Follow that road and right before the road sharply curves to the right you will see a small dirt road directly in front of you with a sign that says “Ashcroft Observatory”.  It leads up a hill.  Go up the hill and you’re there.

Check out our blog for upcoming events.

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  1. I just saw the poster on the SUU campus that advertises classes as a fundraiser. I don’t see anything on this website, but I think that would be helpful to get the word out. So would putting the information on the AO Facebook page (assuming it’s an official page)- then the info could get forwarded around.

  2. We drove up from St. George last night; I surprised my wife and made a big deal about it. She didn’t have a clue where we were going ’till we got there (and not even then.) Now I feel dumb about not thinking you’d be closed on Labor Day. Are you closed every Monday connected to a school holiday? It’s totally my fault, but you might mention in your phone message when you are going to be closed (for guys like me.) We are anxious to come again.

    • We are closed on federal holidays. A good rule of thumb is if the school is closed, no one will be at the observatory. I hope your night wasn’t a complete loss. If you need to get a hold of someone before travelling a long distance, such as from St. George, you can always call my personal phone, which if you will email me at AshcroftObservatory@gmail.com I will give to you. (I just don’t want the whole Internet to know.) :)

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